Mirage Lashes

Elegant Eyes That Magnetize

Sassy Lashes

For bold "Sassy" eyes! This is the magnetic lash that is very popular for the big eye look! They are long with a bit of a curl. They are the ideal lash when you definitely want to get noticed for your gorgeous lashes!

Sweet Lashes

"Sweet" lashes are the perfect lash that adds a little length and a lot of beauty to your existing lashes making them more of a bold natural look.

Savvy Lashes

"Savvy" lashes are bold and beautiful! The perfect lash for every day use when you want to make your real lashes look bold in seconds!


Simple Lashes

"Suave" is the perfect lash for making your real lashes go from ordinary to extraordinary! For a basic "upgrade" to your existing lashes, "Suave" is designed to add a few more lashes to your existing ones, keeping a very natural look. Available in 2 band lengths, short band for small eyes and long band for larger eyes.

Subtle Lashes

"Subtle" is the perfect every day lash for when you just want to add a little enhancement on the outside corner of your lashes and are tapered to blend nicely with your natural lashes.